At Bright People Solutions, we are specialized in executive search service for various industries catered for local & international level.


Our wide range of recruitment services, can be flexible arranged and personalized to our client needs include the followings:-


Executive Search

Our recruiters will organize the recruitment activities on behalf of our clients by attract, match, screen & interview, and communicate to candidates at all the times. Our recruiters ensure only relevant candidate’s resumes from our data bank will be forwarded to our clients making their recruitment process much simple, effective and better success rate. 


Mass Recruitment By Project Basis

Some clients may come across to have open vacancies  for more then 20 person above (Mass Recruitment) target to be filled within short time frame. As such, we are very flexible to provide cost saving solutions to our clients whereby our recruiters will be dedicated placed on the sites required by clients under project basis for the agreed time frame.

Our recruiters will liaise with hiring personnel using the existing company resources to coordinate from starting until completion of the entire recruitment activities. 


Term Contract Placement

At BPS, we also provide solutions by providing temporary or contract staff to our client that may needs extra helps or manpower supports for their business operations during peak seasons.

Our temporary or contract staff can be placed and catered to our client needs ( starting from 30 days onwards). Our client can also have the options to convert the temporary or contract staff to become their permanent staff if performance are satisfactory. 

Please contact BPS to learn more.


Flexible Work

Flexi-Work Staff is fully catered for our client that has open positions but do not required a full time staff to be based at their office. 

Our placement of flexi-work staff is usually fulfil on the basis of 1 block (4 hours) per week and the work schedule usually catered to our client manpower requirements.

The flexi-work  provides very good model of cost saving as well it has proven to be better productive as compare to full time employment ( morning traffic jams, family matters etc)   

Our rates for flexi-work staff are very competitive and the number of candidate preferred flexi-work in Malaysia is growing very rapidly.

Types of Positions & Level recruited 

Senior / Middle Management
Engineers & Technicians
Supervisors & Team Leaders
Office Supports



Additional Services

Our recruiters also capable in providing the following as additional services with very minimal and competitive rates:

  • Develop the standard job descriptions for hiring assignment
  • Provide brief market survey for the hiring positions
  • Matching of candidate profiles & organization work values
  • Career development for the hiring positions
  • Retention & post hiring feedback  
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